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About Marisa Orlich Interiors

Marisa Orlich Interiors is a Long Island-based interior design studio. It was founded in 2018 on the belief that turning your house into a home is an achievable process with the use of patience, creativity, and organization.  


From a young age, Marisa was constantly moving the furniture of her bedroom, repainting walls, and participating in home renovations projects with her family. She has always had an affinity for furniture, old homes, and patterns. After denying her passion for design for far too long, she went back to school for Interior Decorating to better understand the concepts she so loves.

As a creative individual, Marisa believes one’s home interiors directly correlates with one’s mood. By surrounding yourself with good design and curated pieces, you have a recipe for success. Her keen eye for quality furnishings and craftsmanship has her sourcing antiques and artisan pieces. Marisa’s true love lies within furnishings and textiles.

Marisa is best known for her twist on traditional interiors, with splashes of color and function. She takes great consideration of the usage of each interior she designs. Her friendly demeanor and desire to make the space feel like a home have her producing customized spaces for each client. Her love of antiques and vintage design has her sourcing inspiration through books, museums, home tours, and travel. 

Marisa prides herself in her organization skills, attention to detail and belief in supporting local craftsmen. When not designing, she can be found taking advantage of all the natural elements our island has to offer or embracing her love of baking and fine arts.

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