The entrance of your home sets the welcome mat…

Jan 26, 2021

Judy Garland said it best, “Someday soon we all will be together..”, in the meantime let’s use this time at home to redesign your sanctuary. Start at the beginning: the foyer. The entrance of your home sets the tone for your friends and family’s visit. Think of your entry as ‘the Thanksgiving host’, when the host is stressed, everyone is stressed. When the entrance is clean and inviting, we are all looking forward to sitting down for mashed potatoes. So perhaps now is the time, with the new year, for a refresh. For you have you twisted your ankle over Benny’s backpack for ‘the last time’!

Start from the ceiling down… Light fixtures are jewelry for your home. Out with the tried and true round flush mount light (yet this one not so boring), in with the wallpapered ceiling and inviting ribbon pendant chandelier. Too modern for your test? Try this updated iron classic lantern with some gold wallpaper on the ceiling. So you found the fixture, and you think you love it but what are you so afraid of? Electricity. If you do not change light fixtures regularly and are not part of a union, do yourself a favor and hire an electrician. There is enough stress in the world, don’t add hanging a light fixture to yours.
A place for everything and everything in its place… one cannot begin any design project without a deep assessment of what you have. Be realistic. What do you need on the day to day here, and what has a better home elsewhere. Take stock of the amount of items that are to be stored in this entry. As most entry tables are not that wide or meant as the home’s second junk drawer. Hide the excess winter hats and gloves in decorative woven baskets or add monogramed hooks for each member of the household. Save the bulky items for the hall closet.
Keep the music funky, not the smells… Is your home a shoe free zone? Do Emily’s soccer cleats have an almost premeditated kick off position in the foyer? You have become immune to this. Your guests have not. Rather than be hit with a cloud of funk upon entry, lit a spruce scented candle on the entry table. For all year round freshness, not just the occasional neighbor borrowing the cup of sugar, opt for a wall plug-in. Being hit with calming spruce scents or my go-to scent of amber is a sure-fire way to set a tone of welcome.
Dogs and design… Does it seem like the only member of the household getting new accessories this year is the dog? I love my itty bitty pittie as much as the next person, but what I do not enjoy is the immense array of ‘accessories’ that comes with pet ownership. My trick for organizational sanity is to have it behind closed drawers, or decorative containers. Exhibit A, those blue and white ginger jars that are so hot this year, I have been storing the plastic dog bags in mine. An almost ritual like practice now, is coiling the leash and putting it in the drawer after the walk. I don’t need to see a red nylon leash on my beautiful coat hooks.
Everything is cozier with a rug… A quality wool rug can last a lifetime, and an original handwoven is worth its weight in gold. In entryways, wool is the only material I specify for its durability, water-resistance and natural insulating properties. Color absorbs the fibers and keeps your return on investment going strong for years to come. With so many different designs from ornate to tartan there is something for everyone.
There you have it. The design welcome mat for your front foyer. Quick and painless (unless I have inspired you to rewire your first floor) makeover tips that can be done in a weekend. As we continue to work from home in the coming months, I hope you stay safe and look at your home as a sanctuary. I will continue to give you ideas and tips over the coming weeks. If this seems out of your wheelhouse, and you need some assistance, reach out to me!

Best, Marisa

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